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It's Time!

Building an enabling environment

Human progress is a function of human creativity, ingenuity, and ideas.The Africa Science Buskers Festival and the Zimbabwe Science Fair as platforms for creativity and ideas, have successfully proved to be some of the highest-leverage activities for progress.

Coming From Here

The Science Fair & Science Buskers Festival

Through these platforms, Pelagia Majoni was inspired to use potato waste to create a battery and she became the first African female to have a minor planet named after her. Today she is a software engineer at Microsoft. Microsoft did an inspiring story about Pelagia a few years ago.

Our team and kids building a marble run using plastic bottles.

Science Oases

Over 200 000 children

Our work with the science shows engaged over 200 000 children in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana between 2016 and 2019. The overwhelmingly positive impact of the science shows in remote communities led to the creation of “science oases” or mini-science centres as places for children in the communities to continue experiencing hands-on science and technology education. An oasis is a green or fertile spot in a desert. A science oasis is a small centre with exhibits and hands-on STEM activities for children to explore in an area commonly with no such opportunities – a green spot in a desert.
A science centre provides an environment for arousal of latent curiosity and discovery.

It's Time To Build!

The Science Exploration Centre

It is exploration that leads to the discovery of unexpected novelty, and it is invariably such unexpected novelty that really moves science and technology into new frontiers of understanding. Without the introduction of novelty and discovery, problems couldn’t be solved.

It's Time To Build!

Immediate Programs

The design and building of elegant infrastructure, programs and exhibits will proceed slowly. As soon as the initial structures are completed, however, the programs outlined below will be initiated immediately and will be continuing features of the exploration centre.1. Fixed venue for hosting the Africa Science Buskers Festival and Zimbabwe Science Fair.
2. A ‘hall of fame’ for displaying top projects or exhibits by students of the Science Fair and Science Buskers Festival. The students who have built them will occasionally be on hand to explain them to the public.
3. STEM bootcamps to turn every child's interests into real-world STEM skills.

It's Time To Build!

Help Build The Centre

Help build Zimbabwe's first Science Exploration Centre.All donations are tax-deductible for U.S. donors. If you are a U.K. donor and would like to make a tax-efficient donation which is eligible for Gift Aid, please donate here.

It's Time ti Build

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